About Costa Bonita Resorts
We are a company of creators.
We passionately believe in magnificent design and enduring quality, and we are excited to share it with you.

We've grown a lot since 1987. Back then, we were just starting out. We were pretty much a small group of architects with skill and a vision - to build nice homes that deliver lasting value and to create places people are proud to live. We're a little bigger now, but our values remain the same: build a quality product, pay attention to the details because they matter, give the customer the respect they deserve, always look for ways to deliver more.

Today Costa Bonita Resorts is one of Mazatlan's most experienced residential condominium construction and development organizations. We've built more than 6,000 residences in Mazatlan and have more under construction right now. Providing a uniformly high level of quality in every condominium Costa Bonita Resorts builds has made our name synonymous with lasting value, and we are proud of our reputation.

Our Founders

Arq. Jesus Montoya

Arq. Jesus Montoya

An architect from the National University Of Mexico (UNAM) and an entrepreneur since 1972, Arq. Jesus Montoya has extensive experience in real estate development. In 1978 he founded Constructora Mont, S.A. de C.V and still sits as chairman of the board. Montoya has successfully developed more than 6,000 homes in Mazatlan and oversees several architectural and construction projects throughout the country.

In 1987 Arq. Montoya founded Costa Bonita Resorts and has developed this into six stunning condominium resorts along with a yacht club in Mazatlan.

Arq. Montoya has been so successful in his Mazatlan developments because he understands the key elements that make living on the beach a joy. He loves Mazatlan and the ocean and builds condos that integrate well into their environment and facilitate easy living. If you stop by Marina Costa Bonita, you might just see him in the harbor aboard his boat, aptly named the Costa Bonita

Eduardo Habif

Eduardo Habif

Mr. Eduardo Habif was an adroit businessman and a talented builder. In 1970, he started the construction of 18 beach-front houses, opening a new market in Mazatlán. In 1973 he developed the first beach-front condominium building in town: Playa Escondida. He followed these successes with countless beachfront projects, both in Mazatlán and Los Cabos.

In 1999, Mr. Habif met Arq. Montoya and the two builders discovered an immediate rapport. They decided to join their knowledge and experience. Mr Habif partnered with Constructora Mont and was an integral part of the company until, sadly, he passed away on June, 24th, 2015. He is sadly missed.

Our Team

Deborah Graham

Deborah Graham

Sales Manager

A Canadian citizen who has called Mazatlan home for almost thirty years, Debbie has been the Sales Manager for Costa Bonita Resorts since 2004. She has an extensive background in sales and management and finds delights in her job every day. Her favorite part of her job is the friendships she has formed with many of the owners through the interactions of the sales process. She has also enjoyed providing decorating service for some of the owners.
Our buyers are looking to be more than just a number – they recognize we offer high-quality finishes, modern designs and a connection to the surrounding ecology, backed by an enthusiastic commitment to the homeowner, their life and their style. Building a lifestyle, that’s the way we see it. Our business is about creating a way for people to enjoy living in a real community, and relax and play, in a building that makes design sense. Its about living in a thoughtful space designed to maximize natural light and spectacular ocean views.

Costa Bonita Resorts

Mazatlan, Mexico
Av. Sábalo Cerritos 6000
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México

Contact Information

From México: (669) 988-1056
U.S.A. 1 (877) 309-4563
Canada 1 (877) 297-4710
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