Plazuela Zaragoza
Monday, 17 October 2016 17:08

Plazuela Zaragoza

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It is a pleasure to see this Plazuela revitalized. People of all ages are getting involved in this cultural activities, and expecting more people to join. Plazuela Zaragoza is in the last phase of its restoration, but already looks very nice, new floor tiles, benches, lights and Kiosko; the regional trees and vegetation make it a very cozy place.

It was originally built in 1854, in 1862 was named as “Plaza del Puerto Viejo” but change the named when the General Zaragoza was killed in combat to honor him.

In 1953/54 the City major Dr. Angel Armenta decided to remodel making it more modern, the old design was change for a contemporary arquitecture. Fortunate in 2010 the city major Jorge Abel Lopez started a restoration of the original version of the Plazuela to preserved our history, culture and arquitecture.

Every Saturday morning the reading and painting club is open for anybody who wants to join, in the afternoon cultural alternative rock bands.

Every Thursday Danzon dance, everybody is welcome.